Claudia Smith | Houston TX

Academic Positions

The University of Houston-Downtown.

Lecturer, August 2014- present.


The University of South Alabama.

Adjunct, 2013 - August 2014.

The University of Southern Mississippi

Teaching Assistant, 2009-2012.
Beijing Language and Culture University
English Teacher, Foreign Expert, 1995-96.

Publications (selected)

Books, Chapbooks

Quarry Light.  Northampton: Magic Helicopter Press, 2013.

  Print.  20% of all pre-ordered sales will be donated to The Shafer Center, a crisis

  center located in Hattiesburg, Mississippi.

Put Your Head In My Lap. Portland: Future Tense Books, 2009. Print.

Reprint: A Peculiar Feeling of Restlessness: Four Chapbooks of Short-Short Fiction By Four

          Women. Brookline: Rose Metal Press, 2008. Print. 
The Sky is a Well and Other Shorts. Brookline: Rose Metal Press, 2007. Print.

Novel Chapter

Box City.  New World Writing.  21 July. 2013. Web.



Sustainable Development.  Inkburns. 11 Jan. 2004. Web.


“Both Nostalgic and Sinister: Review of Jac Jemc’s A Different Bed Every Time.”

          American Book Review. November/December 2014. Print.

"Basic. Bitch."  The Butter.  February 2015.  

"In My Clothes." The Rumpus. Fall 2014. 

“Implied Narrative.” American Book Review. May/June 2010. Print.

“Pillow.” Make. Fall 2009. Print.

"Submarine Dreams."  What Happened To Us These Last Couple Years? An Anthology of The           Bush Years.  Elope Press and So New Publishing, 2008. Print.


"Diagramming" (sestina). Product 25.  The University of Southern Mississippi.  Summer

          2011.  Web.

Short Stories

“Propriety.” Product 26, Center For Writers English Dept., 2011. Print.

“Catgirl.” Lone Star Noir.  Anthology. Akashic Press and Cinco Puntos Press, 2010: 41-64. Print.

“His Lovely Hands.” Product 24. The University of Southern Mississippi. 2010. Print.

“Hook.” Storyglossia. March 2008. Web.

“Virgins.” Juked 4. Fall 2006: 52-57. Print.

“Under the Floorboards.” (Cordelia Snow.) Horror Library I. Ed. R.J. Cavender. Cutting Block Press, 2006. 74-83. Print. 
“Daughter.” Night Train 5. 2005: 35-38. Print.

“Swimmer.” The Shore. Winter 2004: 29-30. Print.

“My Mother In The Car.” Pig Iron Malt. 1 Jan. 2003. Web.

“Speeding.” Annandale. 1992: 21-27. Print.


Short- Short Stories  (selected)

“Hula.” Wigleaf, November 2012.  Web.

"Pillow." Fiction Southeast.  July 2011.  Web.

“Film.” Wigleaf. 4 Aug. 2009. Web.
“Pillow.” Make. Fall 2009. Print.

“Scout Lantern.” WigLeaf. 15 March 2008. Web.

“Babyfat.” Noo. 26 May 2008. Web.

“Derrick.” Juked. 6 Aug. 2008. Web.

“What Becomes You.” Steel City Review. 1 Jan. 2007. Web.

“Eclipse.” FriGG. 1 Feb. 2007. Web.

“Victorious.” FriGG. 1 Feb. 2007. Web.

“Catalog.” Literary Mama. 13 May 2007. Web.

“First Stop.” Literary Mama. 2007. Web.

“Wipe-Out.” 3:00 A.M. Magazine. 22 March 2007. Web.

“Red.” Night Train Magazine. 13 Aug. 2007. Web.

“Halcyon.” Juked. 24 Oct. 2007. Web.

“Her Lips.” Smokelong Quarterly. 15 Jun 2. 2006. Web.

“Sugar.” Smokelong Quarterly. 2007. Web.

“Icicle.” Juked. 20 Feb. 2006. Web.

“Swallow.” Snowvigate. 1 March 2006. Web.

“Colts.” elimae. 1 May 2006. Web.

“Slip.” Mississippi Review Online. 1 July 2006. Web.

“Possum.” Juked. 26 Sept. 2006. Web.
“Quarry Light.” Juked. 30 Nov. 2006. Web.

“My Lawrence.” 2005. New Sudden Fiction: Short-Short Stories From America And Beyond. Ed.

Robert Shapard and James Thomas. New York: W.W. Norton & Company, 2007. 105-110. Print.

“Bluebonnet.” Juked. 24 June 2005. Web.

“Harvest Moon.” Juked. 20 Sept. 2005. Web.

“Opium.” elimae. 1 Sept. 2005. Web.

“Germ.” Ghoti. 15 Oct. 2005. Web.

“Mermaid.” Pindeldyoboz. 24 Oct. 2005. Web.

“Liar.” Hobart. 1 Jan. 2004. 

“The Wooly Mammoth.” Eyeshot. 18 Jan. 2004. Web.

“Cherry.” Failbetter. 1 Sept. 2004. Web.

“Whole.” Temenos. 1Sept. 2004. Web.

“Love Scavenger.” Word Riot. 1 Aug. 2003. Web.

“Angel Wings.” Pindeldyboz. 9 Sept 2003. Web.

“How To Catch A Good Girl.” Word Riot. 1Dec. 2003. Web.

“The House I Left Behind.” The Salt River Review. 2002. Web.



Consulting Editor, The Best Small Fictions, Queens Ferry Press (forthcoming October 2015). Editors Tara Masih and Robert Olen Butler (Guest Editor).

Guest Editor, Smokelong Quarterly. June 2014.

Staff editor, Hobart. 2005-07.
Guest editor, Firsts and Lasts of Hobart. 2005.
Guest editor, Smokelong Quarterly.

Guest editor, Word Riot.
Editorial assistant, Burlington Free Press. 1995.
Interim Text editor, Bard College Publications, including Annandale, Hudson Valley Review, and

          Word and Image. 1993



Doctor of Philosophy, English, The Writing Center, 2012. University of Southern Mississippi, Hattiesburg. Emphasis on creative writing. Director: Steve Barthelme.

Masters in Library and Information Science, 1999. The University of Texas at Austin.

M.A. in English, 1993. The Writing Seminars, The Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore. Thesis advisor: Robert Stone.

B.A. In English, 1992. Bard College, Annandale-on-Hudson. Emphasis on American Literature. Director: Mona Simpson.

Courses Taught

Writers In The Schools (WITS).  Summer session 2015. 

WITS places teachers and writers in schools throughout the greater Houston area.

The University of Houston Downtown.  English Lecturer.  Fall 2014 to present.

Freshman Composition, American Literature (1865-present) and Introduction to Creative Writing.

University of South Alabama. Adjunct Faculty.  Fall 2013 to summer 2014. 

English Composition 101. Composition 101 prepares the student for writing in other courses at the University of South Alabama (USA) and other colleges, familiarizing the student with notions of rhetoric and audience analysis.


University of Southern Mississippi. Teaching Assistant.  Fall 2009 to spring 2012.

English Composition 101 and 102. Composition 101 focuses on the development of students’ abilities to critically read, reflect on, and respond to different writing situations. Composition 102 is designed to build upon the repertoire of strategies for successful writing learned in English 101; English 102 focuses on persuasive and researched writing.

Technical Writing 333.  English 333 aims to prepare students to read, conduct research, and

communicate more effectively in a range of academic, professional, and public settings.

English 203. (World Literature) includes readings of memoir, drama, poetry, and short stories from around the world.  Working from my own syllabus, my class was focused on in-class discussions, close readings, and an introduction to literary analysis. 


Gemini Ink  

 Writers-In-Communities, (WIC), a program that sends professional writers into diverse community settings to offer free workshops based in reading, creative writing, oral traditions, and storytelling.   Taught flash fiction workshops to San Antonio high school students. 2008.


Highland Park High School

Flash fiction teacher at the Highland Literary Festival in Dallas, Texas. November, 2007.



Related Experience

University of Southern Mississippi

Teaching Assistant World Literature 203. Graded hundreds of papers online, provided quiz questions to a team-taught class, and provided support to students during on-line chat hours. 2009.

Gemini Ink

Writers-In-Communities.  Taught Flash fiction workshops to San Antonio high school students. 2008.

Highland Park High School

Flash fiction teacher at the Highland Literary Festival in Dallas, Texas. November, 2007.

Austin Community College

Reference Librarian. 2000-2001. Provided in-depth reference service to students, instructors, and the public. Created library displays for the Eastview campus; developed themes, compiled special bibliographies, and created informational handouts and study guides. Responsible for research and library use instruction at the reference desk, library tours, and classroom presentations. Developed library assignments collaboratively with the faculty.

Academic Service

Beijing Language and Culture University

 Thesis Advisor and Review Board Member for graduating students.

Central Michigan University
Final judge for the 2007 Litzenberg prize, a scholarship prize for undergraduate students.

S.A.W.G. San Antonio Writers Guild

Judge, Flash Fiction, for the San Antonio Writer’s Guild annual contest (2011).


Honors and Awards

Winner, 2013/2014 Writer’s League of Texas Discovery Prize for Fiction.

Winner, The Joan Johnson Award, an award for most outstanding achievement by a graduate     student in poetry or fiction at The University of Southern Mississippi, 2012.

Honorable Mention in the poetry category for the graduate publication, Product, for the poem


Honorable Mention for the Joan Johnson Award, an award for outstanding achievement by a graduate  student in poetry or fiction at The University of Southern Mississippi. 2011, 2010.

Winner in nonfiction category for the graduate publication, Product, for the short essay, “Pillow.”

Winner for the collection The Sky Is A Well And Other Shorts, Rose Metal Press’ first annual

          short-short  chapbook competition.

Winner of the New England Bookbuilders’ Award 2007.

Featured in Powell’s ”Daily Dose.” 2007.

Pushcart nominee 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008; a total of 12 Pushcart nominations.

StorySouth’s Million Writers’ Award notable short story for “Snow Squall,” 2005.

StorySouth’s Million Writers’ Award notable short story for “Monopoly,” 2004.

StorySouth’s Million Writers’ Award Top Ten Online Story for “How to Catch a Good Girl,” 2003.

Semifinalist for the James Jones First Novel Fellowship for A Girl Like That 1997.

Winner of the Wilton Moore Lockwood Prize presented to the student who has submitted the

most distinguished creative or critical writing in coursework at Bard College. 1992.

Winner of the Mary McCarthy Prize given to the most promising prose or fiction writer at Bard

College. 1990.



"Late Yeats." American Conference for Irish Studies (New Orleans, Louisiana), spring 2012.  Presented the paper "The Dancer From The Dance" Art and Transcendence in William Butler Yeats's Sailing to Byzantium and Among School Children. Panel Discussion with Allison Tharp and Dr. Michael Mays. 

"Myth, Memory, and the Haunted Muse.“ Reading for The Auburn Writers Conference (Auburn, Alabama), 2011.

“The Dancer Becomes the Dance: Art and Transcendence in W.B. Yeats’ Sailing to Byzantium and Among School Children.” Presentation at the University of Mississippi’s Faculty Graduate  Research Colloquium, 2011. 

"A Chorus of Hauntings: Giving Breath to Ghosts.” Panel discussion with Deborah Poe, Cole Swensen, Jake Adam York, Brandon Shimoda, and Selah Saterstrom. AWP Conference (Denver), 2010.

“Fluid Borders, An International Writing Community: a 21st Collaborative Phenomenon.” Panel discussion with Darlin’ Neal, Kim Chinquee, Pia Ehrhardt, Kathy Fish, and Jeff Landon. AWP Conference (New York), 2008.

“The Online Writing Community and Flash Fiction: Words Across the World.” Panel discussion with Darlin’ Neal, Jeff Landon, Girija Tropp, Liesl Jobson, and Kathy Fish. AWP Conference(Atlanta), 2007.

Interviews (selected)

Gaudry, Molly. Online interview. Rumble Magazine 31 Oct. 2009.
Jobson, Liesl. Online interview. Eclectica July 2007.
McKnight, Erin. Online interview. Prick of the Spindle 2008.
Nellen, Stefani. Online interview. The Short Review Feb. 2008.
Spitzer, Kelly. Juked Issue 5 Winter 2007-2008.
Tanzer, Ben Online Interview. Orange Alert 12 Nov. 2009.

Reviews (selected)

Review of “Catgirl” in Lone Star Noir. Kirkus Book Reviews 1 Nov. 2010.
Review of A Peculiar Feeling of Restlessness: Four Chapbooks of Short Short Fiction by Four     
Women. Carp(e) Libris Reviews 3 June 2008.
Carmen, Sean. Review of The Sky Is A Well And Other Shorts. Bookslut Sept. 2007.
Collins, Myfanwy. Blowing Minds. Review of A Peculiar Feeling of Restlessness: Four
Chapbooks of Short Short Fiction by Four Women. Quick Fiction 9 May 2008.
D’Agostino, Paul. Review Of A Peculiar Feeling of Restlessness: Four Chapbooks of Short
Short Fiction by Four Women. American Book Review. Vol. 30, Issue 2. Jan/Feb 2009.
Gaudry, Molly. Review of Put Your Head In My Lap. The Chapbook Review Nov. 2009.
Koch, P.G. Review of “Catgirl” in Lone Star Noir. Austin Chronicle 17 Oct. 2010.
Malone, DiAnne. A Book of Ubiquitous Movement. Review of A Peculiar Feeling of
Restlessness: Four Chapbooks of Short Short Fiction by Four Women. Gently Read Literature 1 Aug. 2008.
Nellen, Stefani. Review of The Sky Is A Well And Other Shorts. The Short Review 2007.
Rooney, Kathleen. Review of Put Your Head In My Lap. Black Ocean Press Oct. 2009. Web.
Scott, Bradley. Review of “Catgirl” in Lone Star Noir. American Library Journal Xpress Reviews 1 Oct. 2010.

Translations (selected)

“Kwiaty Od Dziewczny Z Ohio.” (“Flowers from an Ohio Girl.”) Trans. Dorota d’ Aystettan. Minimal Books, 2010. Web.
“Mi robot.” (“My Robot.”) Trans. Toshiya Kamei. El Puero Cuento, num 5. Mexico City, Mexico. Print and Web.
“Sminka.” (“Lipstick.”) Trans. Piotr Siwecki. Minimal Books, 2009. Web. Minimal Books, Antologia, 2010. Print.

Readings (selected)

Malvern Books (Austin, TX), 12 Feb. 2014.  The Everything is Bigger Reading Series.  With poets

          Dan Boehl And Laurel Hunt.

Imagine Books (San Antonio, TX), 15 Feb. 2014.

Bookwoman (Austin, Texas), 16 Feb. 2014.  With Tiff Holland.

Bookwoman (Austin, TX), 25 July 2010.
Square Books (Oxford,MS), 12 July 2010. With Kevin Sampsell, Mary Miller, and John Grisham.
Luna Park Launch Event (New York), 31 Jan. 2008. With Tao Lin, Angela Ball, and Marie-Helene Bertino.
Bookwoman (Austin, TX), 25 April 2008. With Dan Boehl.
Rust Belt Books (Buffalo, NY), 1 May 2008. 
Powell’s Bookstore (Portland, OR),20 Aug. 2008. With Kathy Fish.
Bookwoman (Austin, TX) 5 Sept. 2007. With Tiff Holland.






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